Guidance:                                                                               (Printable PDF version)

For over fifteen years we have been designing products and applications using vacuum insulation.  Excellent thermal design is crucial to obtaining all the benefit from very high performance vacuum insulation.  We have developed our knowledge and design tools that allow us to rapidly reach outstanding product performance. Thermal Visions will supply general design guidance to customers at no charge.

Design with Vacuum Insulation:

Thermal Visions provides consulting services for clients that need more detailed support. In conjunction with our partners, such as Design Network (, we can provide whatever level of support you need from concept development, thermal and structural computer analysis, detailed complete design database development, to prototyping and production startup. 

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Product Development:                                                              (Printable PDF version)

Thermal Visions provides consulting services for products that do not contain vacuum insulation.  Our clients cover markets from medical equipment, to military high performance composite products, to consumer products like recreational boats and refrigerators.  We started consulting over twenty years ago and have continued it as part of our company offering because of the interesting wide range of projects and the enjoyment of helping our clients.
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