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– The Next Step –      

Vacuum Insulation Panel – VIP NEW R50

THRESHHOLD™ is “The Next Step” in the advancement of vacuum insulation.  It provides exceptionally high R value at moderate vacuum levels which results in increased energy savings, increased usable volume, and very long panel life.  It also has exceptional dimensional stability and control for tight fitting panel joints.

THRESHHOLD™ comes in virtually any thickness so you can design for the exact thermal resistance that you need.  It is the result of over 20 years of experience in developing high performance insulations.  You will find you are at the THRESHHOLD™ of a whole new opportunity for thermal product design. 

                      Key Applications:
- Scientific freezers                                          - Refrigerated trucks and rail cars
                      - Cryogenic applications                                  - Insulated shipping containers
                      - Water heaters                                               - Medical applications
                      - Consumer refrigerators and freezers            - Marine and RV refrigeration
                      - Cold storage units                                         - Vending machines

Physical Properties                Test Method             English Units                    Metric Units          

Thickness                                                                         0.065 inch increments           1.65 mm increments 

Density                                        ASTM D 1622-93          16 lb/ft3                                  256 kg/m3               

Thermal Conductivity   
@ 0.05 torr (0.065 mbar)
75ºF Mean Temperature             ASTM C518-93              0.020 BTU-in/ft²-hr-F              2.88 mW/m-K          

Specific Heat                                                                    0.20 BTU/lb. ºF                       837.36 J/kg ºK         

Vacuum Panel                                                                  < 2% Shrinkage                     < 2% Shrinkage
Temperature Stability                                                      @200ºF                                  @ 93ºC                    

Compression during                   Vertical direction           ≈ 30%                                     ≈30%
Evacuation                                 Horizontal                     < 0.5%                                    < 0.5%                    

Flexural Yield Strength               ASTM C203-99              at 10%  45 psi                         0.31 MPa                 

Flexural Modulus                        ASTM C203-99              7400 psi                                   51.0 MPa                

Compressive Strength               ASTM C165-95              See attached chart                                                 

Compressive Modulus                ASTM C165-95              See attached chart                                                 

Typical properties, not specification values.

Note:  Maximum load was not determined.  The maximum is greater than 60 psi.  Thickness did not recover after load was removed.  THRESHHOLD™ can be pre-compressed to reduce deflection under load.  Testing not yet completed on pre-compressed THRESHHOLD™ VIP.  However, it is known that the strain will be greatly reduced under load.  At 33% pre-compression, the thermal conductivity did not increase. 

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